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Hardworking Missourians Need Access to Healthcare

Hardworking Missourians Need Access to Healthcare


We did it! Missourians made their voices heard and voted YES on Amendment 2, expanding Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of Missourians. This is a victory for all Missourians, but there is still work to be done. Stay tuned as we work to create a program that benefits all Missourians.

Now that Missourians approved Medicaid expansion, it’s up to our elected officials to implement the program by July 1.

Missourians overwhelmingly support efforts to expand Medicaid in Missouri with nearly two-thirds of voters favoring implementation. Support has grown since voters adopted a constitutional amendment on the question in August 2020, with 18% of those who voted against the issue last year now supporting legislative implementation.

What’s at Stake?

No one should have to choose between paying for life-saving care and putting food on the table, but that’s exactly the choice that more than 230,000 Missourians have to make every day.

Medicaid expansion would deliver healthcare to thousands of parents, seniors, and hardworking folks who earn less than $18,000 a year. And it would bring more than a billion of our tax dollars home from Washington every year to keep rural hospitals open, create thousands of jobs, and boost our economy. That’s money that 36 other states that have expanded Medicaid get, but Missouri has lost out on for years.